Doberman Pinscher Club of Florida, Inc.
DPCF 2017 MEMBERSHIP as of 11-31-18
Members Name

Katherine Belzowski

Donna Blackburn - Lifetime Member

Grace Black - Lifetime Member

Stephanie Berard

Bruce Cook

Joanne Cook

Eileen Dohse - President

Dan Galligan

Leslie Hall - Board Member

Kim Johnson

Mary Klein - Board Member

Judi Lustig

Melanie Luten

Marilyn Mannino

Kim Medina – Clark  - Board Member

Alison McDonald

Greg McLogan

Doretta McLaurin

Carol Petruzzo

Lynn Roche - Treasurer

Denise Riscinto - Board Member

Karyn Smith 

Sandy Teague - Vice President 

Christine Tartar

Anne Thorne

Amy Tourond

Carol Witt

​Linda Whitney - Recording Secretary

How to become a DPCF member 

​You will need to submit an application form along with one years dues. 

You will need 2 current members to sponsor you.

You must have your application read at two club meetings of which you must attend. Once you have your two readings you are eligible to be voted on by the membership.

To request a membership application email your request to: